Lead Management made simple
for businesses.

Lead Management Systems demand a lot from you: Overloaded, confusing & a complex operation. We focus on the essentials.
No Bullshit. Just Leads.

Everything you need to start with Leads.

Centralized lead management with custom filters, clear layout & reminder functionality.

Simplify Sales-Tasks with a simple user interface.

Our goal is to get you started with your lead management without any onboarding time.

Leads & Investors

All status, data and documentation at a glance.

With automatic timestamps and system documentation, we support your team with data handling and your communication protocols.


Manage thousands of records without losing the overview.

When starting your first sales calls it is important to be focussed. That's why we don't distract you with complex side features that are not yet relevant for you.

Team Members

Use LeadQuest alone or with the whole team. It's that simple.

You can invite and administer new team members at any time via your employee management. Lightning fast and very easy.

All status, data and documentation at a glance.

For startups on a budget. Keep your eyes on your leads and don't get distracted. Use LeadQuest and stay productive.

No Bullshit. Just Leads.

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